1. Gene of baldness can express only in the presence of hormone

  1. Progesterone
  2. Aldosterone
  3. Estrogen
  4. LH

2. A handball is tossed vertically upward with a velocity of 19.6m/s. Approximately how height will it rise?

  1. 15m
  2. 25m
  3. 20m
  4. 30m

ANSWER: 19.6.m ~ 20m

3. greatest lattice energy is for.

  1. LiF
  2. NaCl
  3. KBr
  4. Rbl


4. if the maximum value of n is 4 then the total electrons in an atom will be

  • 60
  • 18
  • 28
  • 32


5. Chordae tendineae are present in:

  1. Aorta
  2. Atrium
  3. Ventricle
  4. Vena cava
  5. Pulmonary artery


6. How many types of joints are in our body

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 2


  1. Staining part of neuron …
    a) Axon
    b) Dendrites
    c) Cell body
    d) A and c
  2. If momentum is increased by 13 % thank.e increase by %%
    a) 37 %
    b) 2.27 %
    c) 3.47 %
    d) None of these.
  3. Who Hypotheses that the Organism involved through the inheritance of acquired character
    a) Larmark
    b) Darwin
    c) Hutton
    d) MalthuS


  1. Choose the correct
    a) geting
    b) giting
    c) gitting
    d) getting


  1. it now
    a) is raining
    b) rains
    c) will rain
    d) was raining
  2. choose the
    a) does’nt
    b) doesnt
    c) dosen’t
    d) doesn’t
  3. ANSWER: D
  4. I am so lonely here
    a) ah!
    b) oh!
    c) alas!
    d) None
  5. oh! It will be _ cold there in the mountains.
    a) confusing
    b) stuffy
    c) boiling
    d) freezing
  6. a- the private ivate medical colleges have
    increased their fee due to current situation
    VISEGON the government medical colleges
    have not increased their fee.
    a) statement 1 is the cause and 2 is the effect
    b) statement 2 is the cause and 1 is the effect
    c) both are independent causes
    d) none of these
  7. Sex chromosome is discovered by
    a) morgan
    b) other
    c) nettie steven


  1. the inside of the lungs is damaged
    a) emphysema
    b) lung cancer
    c) tuberculosis
    d) asthma
  2. The drosophila male is _ for eye color
    a) heterozygous
    b) homozygous
    c) hemizygous
    d) none
  3. if father have A blood group and
    mother have B blood group then children
    will have
    a) A only
    b) AB only
    c) B only
    d) A, B, AB, 0 all
  4. Rh- have genotype
    a) DD
    b) Dd
    c) dd
    d) none
  5. SEGOT The integration of genetic and
    evolution is
    a) Lamarckism
    b) theory of special creation
    c) Neo-Darwinism
    d) None
  6. smooth muscles are present in inner.
    Inning of all except
    a) blood vessels
    b) intestines
    c) bladder
    d) heart
  7. AIDS is the_ stage of HIV
    a) mild
    b) moderate
    c) weak
    d) none
  8. SEGO the difference between the nervous
    system and muscular (not sure) system
    a) they produce chemical messengers
    b) the chemical messengers reaches the
    c) slow work but prolonged
  9. testicles are surrounded by __
    ANSWER: scrotum
  10. the oviduct is
    a) implantation
    b) ovulation
    c) fertilization
    d) none
  11. menopause is generally occurring at
    a) 12
    b) 25
    C) 60
    d) 50
  12. During menstrual cycle, the most most
    fertile period is
    a) 16-28
    b) 1-7
    C) 11-14
    d) None
  13. which one is not present in annelids
    a) bilateral symmetry
    b) segmentation
  1. Sperms are produced at
    a) body temperature
    b) above body temperature
    c)below the body temperature
    d) none of above
  2. sperms forms in seminiferous tubules and stored in
    a) vasa efferent
    b) seminiferous tubule
    c) epididymis
    d) none of above
  3. steroids are naturally
    a) lipoprotein
    d) both A and B
  4. which statement is true about lipid bilayer of plasma membra
    a) permeable to large ionic polar molecule
    b) permeable to small ionic molecule
    c) permeable to only polar molecule
    d) none of above
  5. Goiter is formed in which case
    a) Hyperthyroidism
    b) Hypothyroidism
    d) all of above
  6. HIV replicate itself in
    a) host body
    c) outside the host body
    d) both A and C
  7. Natural selection was the silent feature of which scientist
    a) Lamarck


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