1. The direction of magnetic field for the solenoid is along:


2. The angular analogue of linear displacement is called


3. in case of planets the necessary acceleration is provided by


4. A point on the rim of a wheel 4 m in diameter has a velocity of 1600 cm s-1. The
angular velocity of the wheel is.


5. Magnetic field due to current carrying straight wire varies as


6. The magnetic field due to the electric current in a conducting wire is:


7. The angular velocity of the minute hand of a clock is


8. A car of 1000kg traveling at 20m/sec rounds a curve of radius 100m. find the necessary centripetal force


9. The strength of the magnetic field outside a solenoid is weak because


10. If a car moves with a uniform speed of 2 msl in a circle of radius 0.4 m. It’s angular speed is


11. If a body is moving in a circular path with constant speed, then the


12. A charged particle moves through a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to it. Which of the following remain unchanged for the particle?


13. which of the following cannot be deflected by magnetic field


14. One geostationary satellite covers


15. The direction of angular velocity is along


16. Ten seconds after an electric fan is turned on, the fan rotates at 300rev/min. Its
average angular acceleration is


17. If the distance between the earth and the sun is reducing to one fourth, then the
number of days in one year approximately


18. The earth (muss=6×10^24 kg) revolves around the sun with an angular velocity of
2×10-7 rad/s in a circular path of radius 1.5x 10^8 km. The force exerted by the sun on
earth is


19. The shaft of a motor rotates at a constant angular speed of 360rev/min. Angle
turned through in 1 sec in radian is


20. The magnitude of force on a moving charge is zero then angle between the velocity of the charge carrier and magnetic field is


21. The particle is moving in a circle of radius r with constant angular speed W. Its acceleration, directed towards the center of the circle is


22. Two parallel wires carrying currents in the opposite directions


23. The direction of the magnetic lines of force can be found by using:


24. The time period of revolution of geostationary satellite is


25. A strong magnetic field is applied to a stationary clectron, then


26. The magnetic field of a solenoid is quite similar to that of a:


27. The linear and angular velocities of a particle moving about the centre of a circle of
radius r, are related by


28. A flywheel gains a speed of 540 rpm in 6 second. Its angular acceleration is


29. The magnetic field produced due to the


30. The direction of the magnetic lines of force depends upon:


31. The force which provides the necessary centripetal force to keep the mud in circular
path is called


32. Angular speed of second’s hand of a watch in rad/s is


33. When a particle moves in a circle, the angle between it linear velocity and the
angular velocity is always


34. The direction at a point on the magnetic lines of force can be taken along:


35. A positively charged particle moving due east enters a region of uniform magnetic field directed vertically upwards. The particle will


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