Rules For Letter and Symbol Series Questions and Online Test 


In this section, a number series will be given, out of which
one number or alphabet would be missing. So you have to complete the series by
applying rules or patterns.

The Rules For The Number Series


1.  Every
number can be a multiple of the other numbers.

2.  In
every number, something may be increased or decreased to get the 2nd term or

3.  The
numbers can be divided to get the preceding numbers.

4.  The
number may be doubled or squared to get the next term or number.

5.  The
square root of the numbers can be taken to get the next term.

6.  Sometimes,
odd numbers are followed by even numbers and even numbers or terms are followed
by an odd number to get the next one.

7.  something
may be added, subtracted, or divided, or multiplied to get the next term.

8.  Sometimes,
odd number is doubled or squared, the other would be multiplied 3 times, the
fourth term would be multiplied 4 times, etc. and then something can be added
or subtracted.


Wrong Numbers:


In this type,
numbers are arranged in series and sequences. 

One term in
the series or  sequence will be wrong 

You will be
asked to find the wrong number or term in a series, from the alternative given.
Therefore, interpret or decode a general pattern followed in the series or

And finally,
decide the wrong term.


Alphabet Series


A sequence of alphabet or series will be given in such a
series or sequence, which follows a specific pattern throughout the series.
Therefore you have to interpret or decode the pattern followed in series and
complete the series, by choosing the correct alternatives given in the


Rules For The
Alphabet Series

Some of the rules that would be followed to find the
next term in the alphabet series are given below.

keep the order of letters with respect to their number
or position. for example 
A= 1 …………….. AND Z=26 and vice versa and
also Z=1 and A=26 in reverse sequence.

some questions, some letters are omitted in sequence like ABC-, EFG-, IJK-. in
this series D and H are omitted.

some problems, an equal number of letters or words are omitted e.g in ADG, two
consecutive terms are omitted.

5.    In some cases, one letter will follow the next letter and another letter would be
preceding it. E.g in BCA, the letter C is following B and A is preceding To B.

there could be a repetition of letters in a set or group of letters, e.g in
AAB, ABC-, in 1st term one letter is repeated twice that is a in the next term
the letters are not repeated, so in the 3rd term there will be a repetition of
the letter that would be CCD.

the numbers would be mixed with alphabets, in this, the numbers might refer to
the position of a letter in the set.


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